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Practice Information 

Beginners Classes


Beginners classes are presently being offered as private or small group sessions.  Private lessons are  $30 per hour per person.   

A full beginners program is approximately 8 sessions.  The beginners program includes longsword basics, wrestling, dagger, and spear. You will be introduced to fundamental concepts common to all martial arts and basic sparring.


The Swordfighters approach rests on three axioms: 


Character Matters

Fitness Matters

Fundamentals transcend Styles

Advanced Lessons and Workshops

Advanced private lessons and coaching are also available on specialized topics and fundamentals.  If you are a former student of mine and you wish to receive coaching and to prepare for gradings  please contact me.

Occasionally I will offer workshops on specific topics.  These will be open to former students and members of other martial arts organizations.  

Sunday Open Practices

Almost every Sunday between 7:30 and 8:00 AM  a group of former students and I gather for Sundays R4 Swords.  This is an open practice which lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.  Anyone may attend and there is no fee.  There is also no direct and scheduled instruction!   This is a time for all of us to gather and to practice our own skills together or solo.  Its a time to hone what you are working on and if you are new to Swordfighting it is a time to meet  the swordfighters in our area.  

If you want to stand back and watch feel free and if you want to get a taste of swordfighting you only need to ask and usually the swordfighters will show you a few things.  Keep in mind though that everyone will be practicing their own stuff so ask away but be patient and respectful if people are engaged in their own work.

We meet at Memorial Park in Armstrong under the pavilion.  Also please keep in mind that the park is a public place and occasionally there are other events taking place.  In that case look around, we are usually practicing somewhere in the park. 

Our Practice Schedule

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