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Upcoming Classes and Events

Swordfighters Beginner's Program Winter Session:
January 24, 2023:  7:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Arrive 7-7:30 

Location: Crossfit Vernon

The Beginners Program serves as your introduction into the world of historical European martial arts.  You will build fitness while learning about the agile and powerful longsword, building basic grappling skills, and working with daggers. 

Based on concepts derived from several medieval manuscripts as well as present day martial arts the class will prepare you for future study  with our group and in historical European Martial Arts in general. 

One source for the class is "The flower of Battle" written by Fiore dei liberi, a later 14th century knight and maestro. Another is the Paradoxes of Defence by George Silver, an English gentleman from the late 1500s

The cost for the introductory program is $120 for 8 weeks, which represents a discount of 50% from the regular practice fee of $120/month.

The first 4 sessions are mandatory beginners classes. They will familiarize you with basic sword handling and the drills and practice methods that we use in Swordfighters.

After you complete these sessions you will be able to attend regular practices for another 4 weeks as part of the beginner program.   This will be your opportunity to meet other members of our group and to hone your understanding of the fundamentals and basics of Swordfighters Martial Arts.  

To sign up please use the paypal link below.  Call us at 250-540-8658 or send us a message for more information.

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