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Mike Panian
Nov 29, 2018
In Fight Log
Our levels are derived from levels of human development. Level One is mastery of fundamentals. This level also defines you as an independent learner and also as a potential teacher. Level Two is about becoming a realistic Fighter. The only way to become a realistic fighter is to fight a lot. The sages have said that you need a minimum of 200 hours of fighting experience to develop a deeper understanding about fighting. We will include all free sparring experience here. In regular practice, perhaps we engage in free sparring for between 1 and 2 hours per month for 10 months of the year. That makes from 10-20 hours per year gained from regular practice. In five years of training you would gain 50 to 100 hours from that alone. You can also include practice in free sparring outside of class, tournaments, exchange practices, and any other free sparring experiences in your accounting. You are on your honor to report your experiences accurately here. To reach level two, you have to demonstrate that you have had 200 hours minimum of fighting experience.
Mike Panian
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